Welcome to the future of testing, where bots do the grunt work and humans do the fun work.

Developers spend 40% of their time testing code.

And guess what? They hate it. Mesmer is the leader in Robotics Process Automation for Development (RPAD), and we’re radically changing the way developers work. Our AI-powered bots accelerate every function of customer experience testing, from beginning to end. This means crazy fast releases, better apps, and new ways to use your talents.


Create tests in seconds, without code.

No more brittle test scripts. You can create tests insanely fast right in your app’s UI, and Mesmer does more than record; it actually learns what should be tested, and even generates additional recommended tests for you.

2 hours
50 minutes
185 seconds


Spin up your test devices instantly.

No more configuration rage while you wait for mobile devices to free up, install builds, or de-bug infrastructure issues. Just tell Mesmer which devices you want (as many as you want), and the bots do everything for you.


Automatic bug reporting.

Mesmer automatically captures everything you’d ever need to know about a bug — including logs, steps, and playback — and sends it to your bug tracking system of choice.

So what does this mean for you?


With your bots assisting you, you’ll have some uninterrupted time to level up your skills and do higher order work. You can build new features, address technical debt, learn new technologies, or just eat donuts.


First, you’ll amaze and terrify your peers as you deliver more features faster. Second, you’ll have a happier team, more cultivation of in-house talent, and less recruiting for hard-to-fill testing positions.


How Fast Do Robots Work?

How does Mesmer use robots to automate software testing? Get an overview of the inspiration behind Mesmer and how it works from co-founder Ahmed Datoo in this video featured by Intel Capital:


Why should I care about the accessibility of my mobile app?

One of the great things about working at Google, for me, was the attention that was given to 

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