Start-Up Emerges from Stealth with AI Bots for Mobile App Testing Grunt Work

A company called Mesmer has emerged from stealth mode with Intel-backed funding and a plan to relieve mobile app developers from the drudgery of software testing, putting AI-powered bots to the task. ...


How Fast Do Robots Work?

How does Mesmer use robots to automate software testing? Get an overview of the inspiration behind Mesmer and how it works from co-founder Ahmed Datoo in this video featured by Intel Capital: ...


Robot workforce evolves from mimicking tasks to taking on jobs

The success of early RPA efforts is leading to an expansion of automation beyond tasks and into job roles. This next generation of robot workforce is starting to personalize automation in a way that could be a direct replacement for humans -- for better and for worse. ...

Pure AI

Start-Up Uses AI Bots for Mobile App Testing

Leveraging computer vision and natural language processing, start-up Mesmer has emerged from stealth with AI bots to relieve human developers from the time-consuming task of customer experience testing of mobile apps. ...


Mesmer Launches with $15 Million Series a to Use Software Robots to Offload the Manual Parts of Mobile Software Development

Founded by the Team from Zenprise, Mesmer Is the Only RPA Company Focused on the Development Organization, Freeing up 40% of the Developer’s Time by Automatically Testing Apps from a Customer’s Perspective ...


The Funded: 11 Bay Area startups raise more than $400M at midweek

More than $400 million in Bay Area venture funding was disclosed at midweek, along with news about two big IPOs, two acquisitions and a new VC fund. ...

Information Age

RPA startup Mesmer launches from stealth mode with $15m Series A led by Intel

The RPA startup Mesmer -- founded by the Zenprise team -- is aiming to offload repetitive processes in app development to AI-powered bots Mesmer is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. ...


Intel-backed Mesmer emerges from stealth to automate mobile app testing

Mesmer, a startup largely backed by Intel Capital, emerged from stealth today bearing robotic process automation (RPA) technology designed to drastically reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to perform customer experience testing for mobile app development. ...

VC News Daily

Mesmer Launches with $15M Series A

PALO ALTO, CA, Mesmer has launched from stealth mode and announced a $15 million Series A round led by Intel Capital, with participation from True Ventures.Click  ...


Visa Makes Yet Another Cryptocurrency Investment: Term Sheet

Visa has invested millions of dollars in  ...


Mesmer Launches With $15M Series A to Use Software Robots to Offload the Manual Parts of Mobile Software Development

Founded by the team from Zenprise, Mesmer is the only RPA company focused on the development organization, freeing up 40% of the developer’s time by automatically testing apps from a customer’s perspective ...

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