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Automatically explores your app like a customer would.

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The Customer Bot works a lot like Tesla’s self-driving feature, Autopilot, does. We use Deep Learning Automation (DLA™) — particularly, computer vision and natural language processing—to allow the bot to navigate your app like a customer would. The Customer Bot crawls through every nook and cranny of your app by recognizing & interacting with UI objects.

Mesmer's customer bot which crawls through our customers' apps, going through all journeys and interacting with elements
With computer vision, our bot sees the elements on the app screen and interacts with them just like a customer

How It Works

The Customer Bot uses computer vision to see your app the way your customer would see it. Move a button, change an icon, tweak the formatting? No problem. If you can still see it, the bot can too. As a result, the Bot finds the right object every time, regardless of layout or design changes. This results in less time spent maintaining broken test automation suites.


No Test Scripts, No Code Required

No programming or scripts are required to make the bots work. Expect the Customer Bot on day 0 to crawl major portions of your mobile app. Team members can always use the RPAD Studio to train the bot on any customer journeys and UI objects missed.

Worried that you need to be a machine learning or data scientist to train Mesmer’s ML models? Good news is that all training is visual. Simply navigate through your app and the Customer Bot will learn from your actions.

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