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Automatically finds defects and writes bug reports for customer experience issues.

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Bug Reports Written For You

The key to a great bug report is lots of detail. Step by step instructions on how to reproduce the bug. Log files from the device. Screenshots. Even a video replay of how the bug was found. Collecting this is a manual, time consuming process.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The bug bot automatically gathers this information and auto-generates a Jira ticket for you.

Automatically detect and file bug reports for your apps using Mesmer's bug bot

Wide-Ranging Bug Detection

You can detect app crashes in your app with our bug bot
App Crashes
Mesmer's bot can find network issues in a customer's app
Network Issues
Our robot can automatically detect problems with assertions in apps
Automatically find log errors in your app with our bot
Log Errors
Our bug bot can find functional errors in customers' apps automatically
Functional Errors
you can automatically find issues with design, including UX issues, using Mesmer
Design Issues

Creating Assertions - No Code

Historically, verifying the business logic of a mobile app required creating complex scripts with assertions.

Not any more.

The RPAD Studio provides a visual, no code interface to create complicated assertions. You simply highlight an object on the screen and instruct the Bug Bot to verify text, images, numeric values and date formats, etc. No test scripts, no code.

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