RPAD Studio

Visual interface that enables quality or software engineers to control what a bot sees and does.

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Training Mesmer Bots

Any AI based system requires training to work. Fortunately, our team of data scientists constantly trains our Deep Learning Automation (DLA™) models with apps pulled from the app store. This is what allows our bots on day 0 to traverse major portions of your app. That said, our bots may miss key customer journeys. The RPAD Studio allows you to train the bots on these missed journeys.

Controlling Mesmer Bots

Use RPAD Studio to provide the bots your specific requirements.

Use Studio to map devices our bot uses to test

Device Management

Map the mobile devices the Infrastructure Bot uses by tests, test suites, & builds.
Integrate your bots with your CI/CD system with RPAD studio

CI/CD Integration Configuration

Specify the Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI, or countless other CI/CD systems that the Infrastructure Bot will retrieve builds from.
auto-generate Jira tickets and bug reports

Jira ticketing Integration

Configure the Bug Bot with your Jira instance to auto-generate tickets & bug reports

Bot Training in RPA, simplified

Training bots should be as intuitive as breathing; no need to be a data scientist or programmer to use RPAD Studio. Simply click and label UI objects missed or show the Bot a new customer journey. The more you use Mesmer to test your app, the smarter we become.

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